“You have one roll of film – don’t waste it!” mom said. I was eight, we were in the Florida Keys on vacation and my camera was a Kodak 110mm, underwater camera, hand-me-down from my parents.

Since then I haven’t stopped taking pictures, though my cameras have changed several times, and now I don’t have to worry about “wasting film”. I use digital!

From the days of the 110mm, through a 35mm Pentax, into my Rebel 35mm digitals I’ve photograph different subjects for personal and hobby, educational requirements both photographical and scientific, and now, into professional.

I have fully documented science projects; notably a wind tunnel project to demonstrate a reverse Bernoulli effect on dye-cast cars using video; photographed the phases of the moon and the near planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn through my five inch ETX 125 Meade telescope.

While living and growing up in central Florida, and while guiding tours through the nature preserve Ox Bow, near Fort Pierce on the St. Lucie River I enjoyed wildlife photography of various water birds the unique flora and streams, and of course the beaches and Sunrises. Located just south of the Space Coast I was lucky enough to photograph a number of launches from and at Kennedy Space Center as they headed downrange over the Atlantic Ocean.

During the time I lived in Florida, I spent a number of wonderful vacations in Smoky Mountains and was gratified to move up here; first to North Carolina and finally to Tennessee. Being so close to the Smoky Mountain National Park has opened up such grand photographic opportunities! The change in seasons and the varied elevational environmental systems through those seasons is nothing short of inspirational.

While I hold a Bachelor Degree in Space Science and am completing a Bachelor Degree in Intelligence, I find a true passion for the art of the Camera in all aspects of my life.

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